Covid19 Special Birthday in 2020

I do not usually blog about my birthday and how I celebrate it. Everybody has a birthday to celebrate it alone or with family, colleague or with friends to remember.

This year, I wanted to do it alone to share my thoughtmoments and think about it aloud on my personal blog.

On a bright, sunny morning on Monday, 28 September, I made a trip to my favorite spots at the waterfront ….. Clifford Pier, Merlion Park, Esplanade, the Singapore River.

Covid19 has adversely affected the tourism industry of every country in the world. The tourists in groups or with families are unable to visit the tourist spots to enjoy the views and capture memorable photos to share. The economy and tourist revenues of every country have also suffered.

With thanks to China Daily Hongkong related article to share on this blog.

Rich legacy lures travelers to city-state

Monday, May 28, 2018, 15:30

By He Shusi

China becomes largest source of visitors as Belt and Road transforms Singapore’s tourism sector

Five years after China proposed its Belt and Road Initiative, Singapore’s tourism industry is enjoying a boost due to a surge in Chinese visitors. 

According to data released by the Singapore Tourism Board in February, China has, for the first time, surpassed Indonesia and become the largest source of tourists to the city-state. The latest data also show that 17.4 million tourists visited Singapore in 2017 — a 6.2 percent jump from the previous year — in which visitors from China increased 13 percent to exceed 3 million for the first time. 

As an island with limited land, Singapore is not home to the same abundant tourism resources as other Southeast Asian countries. On the contrary, Singapore’s reputation as a tourism destination is built on its image as a “garden city” — due to its numerous varieties of plants along with its heritage from the colonial period and the infrastructure of a modern cosmopolitan city. 

The revitalization of historical buildings constitutes another strength and legacy of its tourism industry. For instance, The Fullerton Hotel in the heart of Singapore was reconstructed from the country’s General Post Office, completed in 1928.

After the post office was moved out of the building in 1996, Sino Group, a major Hong Kong property developer, rented it from the government and spent about S$400 million (US$298 million) to transform the Western-style government building into a luxury hotel. 

According to the general manager of The Fullerton Heritage, Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, during the six years of revitalization, the company went to great lengths to repair and preserve the historical building’s heritage. He said the hotel is popular with Chinese tourists and the company will consider taking its successful business model to the Chinese mainland.

Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore

On 3 April, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a nationwide partial lockdown, known as a circuit breaker, to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore. These measures came after an increase of unlinked cases over the preceding month, as well as the risk of a huge cluster of infections.

Methods: Closure of all non-essential workplaces; Closure of all schools, preschools, community centres, etc.

Stay at home as much as possible, go out alone if you need to.

From now till 4 May 2020, stay at home as much as possible. Avoid going out except to buy food and daily essentials, or for urgent medical needs.

If you must go out, go alone; not in groups or as a household. These trips are not meant to be family outings.

If you need to exercise outside, exercise alone and in your immediate neighbourhood. Do not travel unnecessarily to other parts of Singapore.

If you need to accompany a senior, person with disability, or young children to complete a certain task, do so and return home quickly.

We hope that Covid19 would soon be over and we can all live safely, healthily and happily without wearing masks in public or stand us 1 metre away from everyone.

God please bless us all.

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