River Hong Bao 2019 Bicentennial Edition




The River Hongbao celebrations have drawn more than 1.35 million visitors during the 8 days of festivities.

River Hongbao has been building in popularity over the years.  It drew 1.45 million visitors last year, 1.4 million in 2017 and 1.06 million in 2016.

Mr Ang Wei Neng, chairman of the River Hongbao organising committee, said the hard work has paid off.

The MP for Jurong GRC said: “What is most satisfying is when I walk around and talk to people, to see many first-time visitors who say they want to return next year, and the happy faces of young children, teenagers, young adults, parents and grandparents as well as a diverse array of visitors from different countries, it makes it all worth it.”

Thirty-six years ago on 27 February 1983, the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board held a Hong Bao Special at the Ngee Ann Kongsi land (between the Mandarin Hotel and Ngee Ann Building at 8pm. This was held in conjunction with the celebration of Lunar New Year.  The show features lion and dragon dances, pugilistic displays, a performance by Chinese Orchestra, flag dances and songs by local and overseas artistes.

The first time I brought my son to the River Hongbao celebration at the Singapore River in 1992 in the “Memories of River Hongbao 1992” blog here  .

River Hong Bao 2019 (Bicentennial Edition)

This year is special for me.  I made a trip to River Hongbao 2019 at the The Float @ Marina Bay, organised by Tampines Green Residents’ Committee.  Thanks to the staff and volunteers to help the residents, many of whom have never visited the River Hong Bao celebrations before.  The community service for the various constituencies in Singapore.




“Cai Sheng Yeh” met me and blessed me with a complimentary voucher to Sentosa.



The young Singaporean mother kindly posed this memorable photo with her daughter. The first time for her to attend the River Hong Bao CNY celebrations and especially to watch the fireworks display.



The loving father carried his daughter on his shoulders for her to have a better view of the fireworks display.

The theme of the River Hong Bao “Bicentennial Edition” exhibition are shown on the photos on this blog.





20190209_182807.jpg20190209_183023.jpg20190209_183047.jpg20190209_183059.jpg20190209_183342.jpg20190209_183400.jpg20190209_183452.jpg20190209_183621.jpg20190209_183659.jpg20190209_184005.jpg20190209_184120.jpg20190209_185312.jpg20190209_193152.jpg20190209_193158.jpgThere were many non-Chinese Singaporeans in the audience.  The River Hong Bao Chinese New Year celebrations is the entertainment and enjoyment for everyone.


The performances on the stage were displayed on the huge screens.  There were 3 screens located at the floating platform where the audience were seated.

Before 8 pm, all the seats were fully occupied and everyone waiting for the fireworks display at 10 pm.

The River Hong Bao 2019 fireworks display

The spectacular, colorful fireworks display, the finale of the evening’s
programs for everyone waiting with bated breath.  My amateurish video of the memorable memories of the fireworks display I captured to share.

At the Marina Bay and Esplanade areas, a joyous firework flare-up that filled the skies exploded in a kaleidoscope of colours., an unforgettable sight and sound for young and old.

One does not get a chance to see fireworks everyday in Singapore.  Fireworks help to hype up the mood of the people.  In addition to light and sound, there is also the beauty of the colors and patterns of the fireworks display.  Many overseas visitors and tourists made a trip to watch the River Hong Bao fireworks, thanks to the publicity by the Singapore Tourism Board in the mass media, brochures and websites.

With thanks to CM Chen who posted a professional video “Singapore River Hongbao 2019 – (China) Chinese New Year Fireworks” on YouTube here .  The splendid location where he captured the beautiful fireworks to show the fireworks; with the background of the lighted buildings at the Singapore waterfront.  Awesome!

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