Singapore – Golden Pearl of the Orient


Jack Douglas hosts “Across The Seven Seas” in 1962 and featured Singapore as the “Golden Pearl of the Orient” video (Part 1 and Part 2) on YouTube to share on this blog.

Part 1 of Singapore – Golden Pearl of Orient here.

Part 2 of Singapore – Golden Pearl of Orient here.







Bahasa Kebangsaan (National language in Malay) conducted in the evening class for adults in the 1960s.




Praying during the 7th lunar month prayers in Chinatown during the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival”. (above)

Prayers to the ancestors at home (below).





Mid-Autumn Festival for children to carry lanterns around the street in the night.



The Tai Tong Moon Cake shop in Chinatown during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This 55-year-old movie was shared by my heritage friend Maidi Lei on Facebook with thanks.

This is one of the very few English movies produced by Hollywood or Britain for English-speaking audience in the past.  There were very few tourist attractions for Singapore unlike the high-rise skyscrapers and spectacular architectures of the buildings in the West.

Big-screen movies with location shooting in Singapore are welcome as a form of tourist promotion to help to attract tourists from all over the world as revenue earners for our country.

Our pioneer generation friends would remember the old Chinese movies filmed on location in Singapore and Malaya over 50 years ago. When you watched the movies as youngsters and now no longer young to watch the same movies again on YouTube, do you notice the changes of you, of the actors and actresses, of the familiar places, the roads and buildings (some of which have disappeared) in Singapore over the decades. Surreal …

Old Cantonese Movies

Nostalgic sceneries of old Singapore in 馬來亜之戀 ,梛林月 and 唐山阿嫂 .

Please click the names of the old movies in Chinese to watch the videos on YouTube. Thank you.

Anyone remember these old movies and the names of the actors, actresses and what are the changes of these places in Singapore?

Do you agree that watching these old movies as “memory-aids” to revive your memories of old Singapore and how different the physical changes in Singapore to share with our nostalgia friends?

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