A Teochew Opera Child Star Is Born


This little girl’s practice during rehearsal in a video was captured with still photos to show her beautiful dance and song. Pls watch her delicate footwork, controlled small measured steps with her tiny feet; the gentle movements of her nimble hands and fingers, head and body; movements of her eyes to synchronise the traditional Teochew opera music and the lovely song.

Her concentration fully focused as she turned around in a complete circle.  She was not distracted by the noises or adults’ laughters around her.  She is disciplined with full attention to play her role during the performance.

She is the potential talent to train, develop and groom in the theatre …. a Teochew opera child-star is born!

Please watch the 潮州文化分享区 TeoChew sharing’s video here.

My good friend, Sim Hui Hwang, posted her insightful comments at my Facebook timeline below:

A delight to listen to a talented child who could express the different nuances in the song she was singing.  It warms my heart to see the child taking on such a role with confidence and passion.  Certainly, she understands the song well and her notes were clear and melodic.  I don’t understand what she is singing but I admire her degree of concentration, her focus and her ability to express the feelings of the female protagonist really well.  I am a Teochew but I am not able to understand the lyrical Teochew which requires someone who could speak and enunciate every word so clearly.  I never seem to understand Chinese opera since my childhood days.  This little girl certainly loves her art.  She is a joy to watch and listen to.


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