Homecoming – My Alma Mater


My Alma Mater is Outram Secondary School and it brought me fond nostalgic schooldays memories to share them on this blog.


This is the original 54-year-old photo of me taken in 1962 when I joined Outram Secondary School at the former school building at Outram Road.  The little white spots on the photo is left untouched or edited with Photoshop.  The school badge I wore and the white shirt and white shorts (not long pants) in school uniform.  A long time ago in the days of the “mata cheng teh kor” (Translated in Hokken “policeman in shorts).

Personally speaking, the best time of my life was memories of schooldays when I was young.

During my early days, I started to go to primary school in 1955 when I was 8-years-old.  My carefree childhood days was playing around in the kampong to fly kites, catch spiders and catch “longkang fishes” or indoor games with the neighbor children.


There were not many schools in Singapore built by the colonial administration in the 1950s.

1951 school_3

There was no compulsory education in Singapore in the early days.

Compulsory Education in Singapore

Compulsory Education (CE) was implemented in Singapore in 2003.  The first cohort of pupils coming under CE are Singapore Citizen children born between 2nd January, 1996 and 1 January, 1997.

The two key objectives of CE are to give our children:

  •  A common core of knowledge which will provide a strong foundation for further education and training to prepare them for a knowledge-based economy; and
  • A common educational experience which will help to build national identity and cohesion

Singapore has achieved almost universal education at the primary and the secondary level through years of effort.  Today, children who are not enrolled in national schools form only a small percentage of the cohort.  The Government however concerned that they are not being equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be productive citizens in a knowledge-based economy.

According to the Compulsory Education Act, a child of compulsory school age is one who is above the age of 6 years who has not yet attained the age of 15 years.

[Source: Ministry of Education]

20160715_085124 (1)

My 3-year-old grand-daughter love to play with rabbit soft toy, but already started to attend play school at this age.  How much times have changed for children to start learning with fun as young as they are ….. smart children for smart cities in Singapore.

Outram Secondary School 110 Anniversary Homecoming Dinner


Mr Boo Hian Kok, Principal of Outram Secondary School

In his letter in March, 2016, Mr Boo invited Outramians to join us in celebrating Outram Secondary School’s 110th Anniversary.

“Outram Secondary will be celebrating our 110th anniversary this year.  Through various events, we will celebrate the successes and talents of our past and present students, build a spirit of collegiality among Outram family members and strengthen our relationship with our alumni, our stakeholders and the community.

… We look forward to making this celebration a fun and meaningful one for all.  It will certainly be a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and ex-teachers.  We hope to see you at the carnival and the dinner.”


Guest of Honour, Dr Lily Neo, Grassroots Adviser to Jalan Besar GRC Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng


FB_IMG_1470523792567 (1)

Dr Lily Neo posted this photo (above) on her Facebook profile:

Celebrated the 110th Anniversary of Outram Secondary School with the Principals (present and past), teachers, Associates, Outramian Alumni and students of the school this evening.  The illustrious history and ongoing progress of programs of the school that include the opening of a new and spacious gymnasium impressed me.

Tonight saw the gathering of its associates and alma-mater in the celebratory fund-raising dinner. (Some ex-Outramians include ex-President Wee Kim Wee and Ex-Minister Wong Kan Seng and businessman Tommie Goh).

I would like to congratulate Outram Secondary School for performing exceptionally well in Rock-climbing, Swimming, Water polo and Netball in the past years.

I am glad that Outram Secondary School has been actively encouraging its students to participate in community programs to help the under-priviledged in our society.  They have collaborated with Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng organizations in the past years to reach out and assist the elderly and low-income residents.

I want to particularly wish Mr Boo Hian Kok (in the first picture with Mdm Choy Wai Yin), the new principal of six months, all the best in all his endeavors.

I would like to wish the school many more years of continued success.


Congratulations! Cutting the birthday cake with best wishes to Outram Secondary School


How happy to meet Frankie Frank Teo Ah Seong, an Outramian 2 years my senior as a student and then continued in Outram as a teacher until his recent retirement.


Seated second on the right of the photo is Freddy Lim Kar Chin, my former Sec 1 classmate and long time friend.


A memorable photo with Outramian Dawn Yip.



A photo with Anna Chan, who kindly booked my ticket for the dinner.  Thank you, Anna.

13718626_10154011682828432_5093303510319788020_n (2)


A photo with Outramian Adeline Soh Poh Lian, also a friend of the “Outram Secondary School Alumni” Group on Facebook.

alumni on facebook intro


With Alvin Oon going back to school in Outram schooldays uniform, complete with school tie and school badge.


This group of Alvin’s former classmates in school uniform appeared in the video below.

Happy National Day 2016!

2 thoughts on “Homecoming – My Alma Mater

  1. Thank you for bringing back some good memories. Regret not attending with my new-found mates of 1967. We will be visiting our Maths teacher Mr Chan Sing Chun soon.

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