Father’s Day for the Living and the Deceased

Are Father’s Day and Mother’s Day once a year on this special day for the fathers and mothers in the world to celebrate for only the living while the parents are still alive?

Is this a weird thought moments to blog about?

Our parents are not transferrable, not for cloning the ways done with sheeps.  Its God’s gifts in His image as human form to “breed” and populate the world.  Pause.

Parenting is not a science lab for experimenting to produce babies.  No scientist had ever done that in the world.  God forsaken to ever try.

Our ancestors, great grandparents, grandparents and our parents are brought into this samsara world are spiritually linked and connected with some form of lineage of the same family. Where are the trees without roots?

Speaking about the modern-day Westernised culture which invented “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” which many thought it was businessmen who capitalised on these ideas to commercialise.  Its good for business, good for everyone …  a “win-win” situation.

Its not material gifts to be presented superficially by the children to their parents who can afford the presents.

Its the thoughts that counts from the heart, and expressed in each’s personal ways … to give and receive.

A special day is devoted every year. This is universal in every language for all people who celebrate in this modern world.

Are the dead loved ones to be forgotten?

They may be on different realms, different “worlds” but the thoughts are the same for parents and children.

We would need to remember the dead and the living on these special occasions to offer them their loving thoughts with gratitude.

This photo montage created by Alvin Oon in memory of his late father, Outramian Ronnie Oon. Alvin shared his collective memories of his beloved father who lived a rich life as an active sportsman and teacher with love and passion to everyone who benefitted from him. Happy Father’s Day, Ronnie Oon.

“Happy Father’s Day” to all the fathers in the worlds!

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