Eastpoint Mall – Then and Now

1896737_10152649536693432_3228432835831738198_nThe main entrance to Eastpoint Mall re-opened on 2 December, 2014

1396965_10152649464403432_3472232471020936943_o10393556_10152649469103432_138837632340542901_n10846076_10152649547048432_7177049580550261048_n The festive mood for Christmas with colorful and brightly decorated and piped Christmas songs and music in the shops to meet the visitors and shoppers to Eastpoint Mall.

Non-Simei residents are welcome to enjoy shopping at Eastpoint Mall, located conveniently by shoppers with their own transport, by MRT or public transport by buses for SBS Service No. 5, 9, 20 and 38.  The bus-stop right in front of the mall.

Some updated photos at Eastpoint Mall

PicsArt_1418599979257PicsArt_1418600090382PicsArt_1418600556141PicsArt_1418600931610PicsArt_1418601160786PicsArt_1418601277044PicsArt_1418601443076PicsArt_1418601831929PicsArt_1418602013125PicsArt_1418602263900PSX_20141215_072656PicsArt_1418602169604 As an old-time resident of Simei for over 20 years, this is an informational blog to revive the memories of Simei.  I couldn’t recognise the “New Look” Eastpoint Mall with an overall facelift and makeup when I first stepped into the place for the first time.

The place is now ergonomically-designed layout and shop displays, brighter with old favorites and new shops to serve our shoppers who are Simei residents and everyone from Singapore everywhere.There are also many visitors and foreign tourists to shop at the new Eastpoint Mall.

In February 2013, the mall closed for major renovations and upgrading of Eastpoint Mall is now open with a fresh new look and an upsized shopping experience!

With a feast of new dining choices, an upsized 24-hour FairPrice for all your everyday grocery needs, a nautical-themed play area, first-in-Singapore concept stores and familiar favourites. Owned by NTUC Income and managed by Frasers Centrepoint Malls, it’s not just a new shopping experience – it’s your choice to live it your way! Eastpoint Mall at

3 Simei Street 6 Singapore 528833 (Next to Simei MRT). Tel: (65) 6587 7200.

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily Owned by: NTUC Income Managed by: Frasers Centrepoint Malls Official Card: Frasers Rewards Eastpoint Mall was reopened on 2nd December 2014 after the completion of major renovations. The revamped mall consists a total of 180 tenants.  (Source:  Wikipedia)

Basement 1
Singtel Exclusive Retailer
Old Kim Guan
The laundry club
The Handbag Spa
Toy outpost
Wink Optics
Tori Q
Home Fix DIY
Umi sushi
Dough Culture (First cafe concept)
British Essential
Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude
Heavenly Wang

Level 1
Bakery Cuisine
Hanis Cafe and Bakery
Toast Box
Long John Silver’s
Eighteen Chefs
Nene Chicken
Xiaomi Chicken
Sakae Sushi
Pet Lovers Centre (Pet Safari)
Mr Bean
Soul Green
Gong Cha
Yayoi – Japanese Teishoku Restaurant
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Juk Story Restaurant (First in Singapore)
Yick Ming optical
02 Classic
Design & Comfort
The Royals Cafe
Pezzo Pizzas

Level 2
Plush Beauty
Jantzen Salon
The Spa-Lon
Siam Kitchen
Four Leaves (First cafe concept)
Menkan Osaka Ohsho
Look and See optical
Art Luxury
Plains & Prints
Nail Palace
Pizza Hut
Paradise Inn
Frenzo Spa & Wellness
I Love Accessories
Black Hammer
Pedal Works
The Blues
Bata Shoes

Level 3
AVONE Beauty Secrets
The Hair Secrets
Shabu Sai
Penang Street
Eu Yan Sang TCM
Ma Kuang TCM
Max Coil
De Dental
True Cloud mobile & repair
Popular bookstore
Chen Kang Wellness
Beauty Hub International
Professional Hair Studio
Saizeriya Ristorante & Caffe
QB House

Level 4
Food Junction (12,500 sq ft)
Indoor Playground
Hockhua Tonic
Beauty Language
Japan Home

Level 5
NTUC Fairprice (24/7) (37,000 sq ft)
Unity Healthcare

Level 6
The Ballet and Music school
Discovery Kidz
Kent Ridge Education
My First Skool
Global Art



The temporary NTUC FairPrice located beside the revamped Eastpoint Mall to be dismantled for other uses to serve the residents of Simei soon.

Whilst the revamped Eastpoint Mall was under construction, the temporary NTUC FairPrice served the residents of Simei and regular customers without disrupted services or caused inconveniences during that period.

The community leaders and those concerned who requested for these arrangements to NTUC Fairprice is certainly appreciated with thanks.  No trumpet blowing or fanfare to announce those who care with thoughtfulness the needs of Simei residents and the community.  People who respond quietly with action to serve.

Memories of Simei in 1988


The old photo of Simei MRT station in the background was taken in 1988.  As shown in the photo, Eastpoint Mall was not yet built.

new_PicsArt_1418726099702new_PicsArt_1418726020723former eastpoint mall_bwThe Eastpoint Mall in the early days before the revamp.

Looking at an archived photo of Eastpoint Mall originally designed about 20 years ago and juxtapose it with the new Eastpoint Mall now, what are the vast changes and differences we have seen the same place, different times and different shopping experiences? Please judge them for yourself.

Eastpoint (Chinese: 东福坊) is a small shopping mall located in Simei, Singapore. It was known for its wide selection of tuition and enrichment centres (The Learning Hub Of The East) and its pet shop (The Pet Safari), which was once Asia’s largest. Eastpoint Mall was developed by Far East Organisation and was completed in December 1996.

Like other suburban malls at that time, it featured a cinema, a supermarket, a department store, a food court, an arcade and a book store as anchors, and an array of speciality shops and restaurants. It also pioneered several firsts, such as a rooftop children’s pool and a wet market on the ground level of the mall (both were subsequently closed).

When my family and I moved into Simei in 1988,  there was no Eastpoint Mall for shopping or marketing for the residents.  There was no Simei MRT Station or direct public buses to travel to the estate.

We did not complain to travel to the nearby markets and shopping complexes in Tampines.  It took years for the estate to grow little by little into a heartland vibrant community as more residential buildings in Simei to be completed and the population grew.  Even the trees and flowering plants would take time to grow into a “Garden City” with tender loving care, not “ready-grown” flowers or trees produced instantaneously.

Pet Safari Centre

Web-PetSafari_smpet safari experience

The Pet Safari Concept was not an ordinary, usual, run-of-the-mill kind of safari.  It’s a living and thriving community of pet lovers, united in their celebration of the love they have for the pets.  Its a community of pet lovers who love and a place to serve them. Without the hassle when it comes to getting pet-related services, so we took the liberty to house everything under one roof. Like a kid in a candy store, you’ll find that The Pet Safari is the closest you can get to Pet Heaven. There are grooming services, pet cafes and bakeries. There’s pet care and training classes. After all, we’re all pet lovers too, so having gatherings with our furry family members is something we love doing. Seeing pet owners and pets enjoying themselves is why we do this job.

Long-time residents of Simei would remember that before opening of the Simei MRT Station, the location of the present East Point Mall was operated by NTUC FairPrice a wet market at the basement of the building. It was also one of the first Safari Pet Centre in Singapore.

I remember with amusement when my pet-lover daughter once brought her pet rabbit to the Vet at the Safari for treatment of flu, a label on the cage was indicated as “Rum Rum Seah” Our pet rabbit was part of the family with our family surname. Residents of Simei would have fond nostalgic memories of the Eastpoint Mall to share at the  “My Home in Simei” group on Facebook.

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