More Photos from Benjamin Sheares Bridge


Mission accomplished!  I am glad to have completed “A Learning Experience to Walk the Blog” on my previous blog to explore and discover the best spot on the Benjamin Sheare’s Bridge to photograph some of the most beautiful scenaries of Singapore.  This is a personal guide learned from my unusual journey from my personal experience which I hope is useful to share.

There are 2 ways to reach the pedestrian section on the bridge for photograph enthusiasts to find the safer and better way to walk there.  For your information, cars are not allowed to stop at the expressway on the bridge to take photographs.

First way is to walk along the cemented path at Beach Road towards the Benjamin Sheares Bridge (as shown in the photo above) all the way to the top of the bridge.  This is the better preferred route.


Another alternative route is to walk along the open space (photo above) beside the “Tanjong Rhu Apartments” condominiums and use the staircase to the same destination mentioned.


Why did I ever taken such an untrodden path to take this risky journey, for danger of speeding cars and other vehicles on the expressway,  I thought.   Its a lesson learned which I will never repeat it again.

life is a jurney

Life is a journey ….. but better to be safe than be sorry.  As an after-thought, I could have met with a car accident by a reckless driver along the expressway.


The road less traveled isn’t a smooth one, but the experience is awesome and exhilarating for the view captured here.



The above 2 photos of the “duck boat” cruising along Singapore River.  The photo below shows the boat moving on water towards the Republic Boulevard and Marina Promenade Park on land.

The “Duck Tour” is an unique tour for visitors and tourists to Singapore.  This is an amphibious ride on both land and sea.  Gather quirky facts of Singapore and enjoy loads of photo-taking opportunities and memorable photos for them to bring home.

The Hippo River Cruise is a tour attraction by the DUCK & Hippo Group, which brings you down the tranquil Singapore River.  Along the way, you will relive memories of its splendid history as you hop on and off.  While riding on this duck boat, one does not have to change vehicles as the boat can smoothly maneuver itself on land as well as sea.  It is an unique boat with huge wheels.

Embark on a land and sea adventure on a remodeled World War II amphibious Vietnamese war craft that promises you the best tour experience.  This hour-long journey brings you up close to Singapore’s famous skyline, historical landmarks and gorgeous bay view.

Take a scenic cruise down the Singapore River and soak in the tranquil ambience and journey to discover the past, the present and possibilities the future of new buildings and places of interest under construction to develop and build these areas.

The Singapore River

The Singapore River is as small as the size of the island of Singapore.  However,  it is a river with great historical importance.  This is the place where Raffles landed and made as the number one trading port in Singapore.  It was the lifeline of Singapore where our first immigrants eked out a meagre living and saw Singapore transform from an obscure little fishing village to a great seaport.

The river runs along Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.  Many will remember it was filled with twakows, tongkangs and hard-working pioneer generation “coolies” to help build Singapore.

We would also remember the stench, the “memories of smell” from the flotsam and jetsam and the rubbish thrown by hawkers at the former Boat Quay Food Centre, on the river.

Singapore River was given a new lease of life since efforts to clean it up and started a major PUB project  in late 1970s.

The river today is now part of the Marina Reservoir after damming the Singapore River at its outlet to the sea to create a new reservoir of fresh water.

Waterfront Cities of the World – Singapore

 2014-12-09_20.33.24The private jetty at Tanjung Rhu Apartments

2014-12-09_20.38.472014-12-09_20.39.44 2014-12-09_20.40.122014-12-09_20.37.302014-12-09_20.42.542014-12-09_20.41.08In the direction of Beach Road, Singapore


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