Singapore Seah Clan Association 64th Anniversary Dinner


The Singapore Seah Clan Association held its 64th anniversary dinner at Ban Heng Restaurant at Harbourfront on 11 October 2014.

reception guest bookseah ming choo

The Mistress of Ceremony Ms Seah Ming Choo welcome the distinguished overseas and Singapore guests and members of the Singapore Seah Clan Association (SSCA) members and families to the anniversary dinner.



Mr Seah Moon Ming, Chairman, Temasek Polytechnic Board of Governors and Chairman, International Enterprise Singapore  was awarded the National Day 2014 awards.  We congratulate him and greetings for the best wishes to his success.

During his speech at the dinner, Moon Ming thanked the Singapore Seah Clan Association for the greetings published in the local newspaper 联合早报 and from our Seah families, relatives and everyone far and near.

As an adviser of the SSCA (新加坡佘氏公会) management committees, Moon Ming has contributed and supported  the association for over a decade.

He  invited young Singaporeans of Seah surname to come forward to participate SSCA Youth Group actively for new leadership blood for our association to grow from strength to strength.  The future generations of Singapore Seah Clan Association depends on them.

js and mr & mrs seah teck chong_sm

Mr & Mrs William Shih (佘德聪宗亲夫人) archived photo from file.







Message on  26 September, 2014 to Singapore Seah Clan Association relatives:


Good news of Singapore Seah Clan Association’s 64th anniversary celebration to be held on October 11, 2014.   In my personal capacity and on behalf of the World Seah Clan Fraternal Association, warmest congratulations!   To participate in the anniversary on behalf of all the Clan to pay tribute and cordial greetings!

Singapore Seah Clan Association has been 64 years in the history of its development.  The Chinese mainland provinces Seah’s  fraternity model, the world Seah Clan of the same family.  We have to rely on Seah fraternity the good in the world as the platform.  Within the legal policy to further improve and to the extent of our clan’s exchange, enhance clan kinship feelings and  contribute to building a harmonious society.

Finally, I wish the anniversary celebration a successful completion!  We sincerely wish the Singapore Seah Clan Association fraternity relatives good health and good luck!

Shih Decong
President, World Shih Clan Fraternal Association

Speeches from other Management Executive Committee  Office-holders of SSCA


Presentation of congratulatory banners to SSCA


Enjoy your sumptuous dinner with karaoke entertainment

10689953_10152518886153432_4836914906031734126_n_karaokestar10502034_10152520831658432_8268243761169168909_n1622081_10152518884913432_5536087032117469558_n10365985_10152518884033432_896019355407257949_n10451735_10152518885368432_3370123228044968028_noldies but goodies

The “Oldies but Goodies” karaoke singers entertain the VIP guests with favorite “evergreen” Mandarin songs at the dinner.


Lucky Draw


Three toasts with blessings and best wishes, first  to Singapore, our Home … second to Singapore Seah Clan Association and third but  not least  to everyone for success, good health, good luck and prosperity.  Yam Seng!  Yam Seng!  Yam Seng !!!

yamseng on stageIMG-20141013-WA000110533452_10152519499083432_69324151070923935_n_yamseng10626819_10152518870868432_1220464707370673416_n_yamseng10291065_10152519499733432_166001461056680618_n_yamseng10517546_10152519498098432_2655313733625859453_n_yamseng1939809_10152519497413432_644195543394165597_n_yamseng10624591_10152519493718432_8168964953007776290_n_yamseng10731026_10152518866203432_3498351284031512103_n_yamseng10710556_10152518867708432_3374578391817571378_n_yamseng10698459_10152519496368432_6507691787447621581_n10421255_10152519494518432_8121096269423191955_n10247250_10152519492253432_5659001016331625311_n1920152_10152519513558432_3624843519147648187_n10383883_10152519512658432_5183062137653234431_n10678617_10152519491233432_3257636972980740931_n
The Seah (佘氏网) Portal  here .

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